What is ScaleUp?

An organization focusing on Agile practices for corporates and being able to shift their mindset, one Sprint at a time.

Explore your transformative journey with ScaleUp, your premier destination for unparalleled training and consulting excellence.

Based in Pune, India, we specialize in delivering top-tier services tailored to experienced professionals and corporate entities alike.

From our roots in a Pune classroom in 2014, we've blossomed into a global brand. Our offerings now span diverse formats, from in-person sessions to corporate engagements and online courses, catering to clients worldwide.

Dive into our comprehensive suite of offerings spanning Agile/Lean Software Development and Project Management, and elevate your expertise to new heights


How can ScaleUp influence your life?

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, ScaleUp provides a platform for growth and advancement, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the dynamic landscape of IT.

ScaleUp came into being with the aim of facilitating seamless business operations and expediting process execution. As a consulting and coaching enterprise with a decade-long legacy, ScaleUp is dedicated to fostering transformations both at the individual and enterprise levels.

Birth of ScaleUp

In 2014, Vineet Patni, the Founder-Director, conceived the notion of Agility and relinquished his established position at a multinational corporation. The journey of entrepreneurship, coupled with an insatiable desire to contribute to the Agile community, propelled him forward without hesitation. The subsequent events have become a testament to his remarkable journey. And the rest is history!

Company Vision

Our vision is to give implementable and practical information that will enable individuals and organizations to scale up and confidently face today's project execution difficulties. Our major goal is to spread the right mindset and knowledge is the primary focus. Certification is merely a byproduct. ScaleUp is always reinventing itself and its training framework to incorporate the most recent developments and make the course more understandable through relevant examples.

Company Mission

As our logo symbolizes, we believe in and strive for both horizontal and vertical growth of organizations; and our services are aligned to this belief. We are on a mission to make Pune, the Agile Capital of India.

Who can benefit from Us?

At ScaleUp, we believe that every individual and organization, whether in IT, ITES, Manufacturing, HR, Sales, Construction industries and the like, can benefit immensely from our specialized skill sets. Our mission is to empower businesses to implement the best practices in project management, fostering a culture of efficiency and agility in project execution.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, ScaleUp is your partner in driving positive change within your business or organization. By embracing innovative project delivery methods, we ensure that you not only grow as an individual but also see your company flourish.

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